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Welcome to our online store, please select the category of products you wish to view.

    • Bath Tub Refinisher Products

      • All the products you will need to virtually make every fixture in the Bathroom or Kitchen look like new!

    • Building Maintenance Products

      • These products help you coat, seal and clean any surface in your existing residential or commercial building. The three distinct ice and snow melt blends will protect your property from frosty winter conditions.

    • Construction Products for Contractors

      • These products help you patch concrete and coat, seal, waterproof and clean any surface in your newly constructed residential or commercial building!

    • Concrete Contractor Products

      • These products will help you cure, seal, patch and bond all concrete surfaces!

    • Epoxy Flooring Contractor Products

      • These products include a full range of epoxy floor coating, patching and sealers as well as urethane based materials. Also includes a great selection of epoxy flake floors and leveling products.

    • VAT-Carpet Contractor Products

      • Topaz Industries? underlayment products will fill any flawed areas with home delivery! Prior to installation, the floor should be inspected to determine the special care required to make it a suitable foundation for carpet or vinyl asbestos tiles.

    • Home Owner Products

      • These products help you coat, seal and clean any surface in your residential home! The ice and snow melt blends will protect your property and include home delivery!

    • Painting Contractor Products

      • These products include a wide range of epoxy glaze wall coating systems, block filler exterior wall coatings, epoxy, urethane and one component floor systems, floor preparations and cleaning products.

    • Private Label Distributor Products

      • These products include concrete patching, coatings, non slip, rust convertors, liquid and powdered cleaners, snow and ice melts, enzymes, roofing and asphalt products, hand cleaners, and more.

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