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Concrete Contractors arrow Concrete Curing, Hardening Sealing arrow Concure WB

Concure WB

Concure WB
SKU: B242

Sold in 5 gals and 55gals Renders surface hard allowing concrete to chemically cure. Useful for areas to receive subsequent finish coatings or sealers. CONCURE WB
Low odor, VOC compliant water based curing compound which also chemically hardens.

DESCRIPTION: CONCURE WB is a silicate solution which will render the surface hard, allowing the concrete to chemically cure, and provide a non-dusting surface with bondability. ADVANTAGES:
competes with resins and waxes, but provides bondability without sandblasting.
? Will not discolor, concrete retains its esthetic value.
? No surface residue left after seven days.
? Leaves surface bondable for paints, adhesives, asphalt, coatings, resilient to bonded wood flooring, terrazzo, dementitious toppings, stucco, and gunite without
? Recommended for curing roof slabs perpartitory to application of roofing
neoprenehypal on sheating, and polyurethane.
? May be used for both interior and exterior, horizontal, or vertical surfaces.
? No waxes, paraffins, or varnishes added.
? Provides ease of handling and application.
? Sprayers will not clog, no damage to parts.
? Equipment can be cleaned with water.
? Non-flammable
? Non-toxic and non-acid, no harmful fumes or odors.
? May be recoated at any time.
? Cost is only a fraction of a penny per square foot.
? Available with or without a fugitive dye.

Created by Titan Technology, Corp.