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Concrete Contractors arrow Concrete Curing, Hardening Sealing arrow Petri-Flor


SKU: B246

Sold in 5gals and 55gals Chemically reactive hardner & dustproofer for concrete PETRI-FLOR
Chemically reactive hardener and dustproofer for concrete.

DESCRIPTION: PETRI-FLOR is a clear, colorless solution of chemically active zinc and magnesium silicofluorides with a special wetting agent to change the surface tension of the water, thus assuring deep down penetration of the concrete surface.
When flooded over a concrete floor or wall area, PETRI-FLOR penetrated deeply into the pores of the concrete where a chemical reaction takes place. The free time in the
cement combines with the PETRI-FLOR chemicals to form new binding materials and harder compounds.

? Increased resistance to chemical at chemical attack.
? Dust free floor and walls.
? Greater resistance to water, grease, or oil penetration.
? Neutralized base which requires no acid treatment before applying paint or resilient flooring.

Created by Titan Technology, Corp.