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Concrete Contractors arrow Concrete Accelerators arrow Accel-100


SKU: B235

5Gal also sold in 55gal Admixture & integral waterproofing for set acceleration. Also plasticizes & reduces water requirement

Accelerating, plasticizing, waterproofing and water reducing admixture for concrete, mortar and stucco.


This clear, colorless liquid concentrate is a chemically balanced formula which reacts with the portland cement in concrete and mortars to increase their strength and density, thus making them more waterproof.


Whenever portland cement is used, ACCEL-100 adds superior waterproofing qualities at nominal cost. Although designed for use in foundation walls and floor slabs, ACCEL-100 is also valuable in mortars, stuccos, and for grouting and patching work. The addition of ACCEL-100 to the mix promotes more complete dispersion of the cement, accelerates the ?set? and assists the process of hydration.


ACCEL-100 produces the desired plasticity and flow characteristics which air
entrainment provides, no further admixtures are necessary or desirable for this purpose.


INCREASED STRENGTH: ACCEL-100 lowers the surface tension of the
mixing water thus reducing the water/cement ratio. Both early and ultimate strengths are increased at all temperatures.
COLD WEATHER BENEFIT: ACCEL-100 is especially effective in cold
weather enabling concrete, masonry or stucco to be placed at temperatures as low as 15 degrees F.
IMPROVES WORKABILITY: Better flow (increased slump) is obtained without
change of the water/cement ratio, or the same flow (equal slump) may be obtained with less water, producing a denser concrete, mortar or stucco.
REDUCED PERMEABILITY: Tests subjecting 5 inch diameter x 5 inch high cylinders to 20 psi water pressure for a one year period indicate that those cubes incorporating ACCEL-100 were more impermeable than any other type of ?set? accelerator tested.
REDUCES SHRINKAGE: Since ACCEL-100 reduces the water/cement ratio,
test results indicate marked reductions in shrinkage, thus minimizing the possibility of shrinkage cracks.

SAVES LABOR TIME: Since high early strengths are achieved at low
temperatures, concrete may be finished earlier, forms may be removed sooner, thus
allowing for less overtime and minimal delays in job schedules.

Created by Titan Technology, Corp.