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Building Maintenance arrow Bonding Agents arrow Permabond E-300

Permabond E-300

Permabond E-300
SKU: B206

Sold in 2gal unit Two component epoxy adhesive & waterproofer for bonding fresh concrete overlays to all concrete substrates, wood or metal. Also sold in 10gal units at 341.30 a unit- See technical data for description detail

High strength epoxy adhesive, bonding agent, waterproofer.

PERMABOND E-300 is a structural adhesive for bonding concrete to any rigid surface without chipping, breaking up or scoring concrete surfaces. PERMABOND E-300 main application is to permanently fix a fresh concrete overlay to an existing concrete surface. Structural bonding, waterproofing, and vaporproofing are accomplished at the same time. Bond strengths achieved are much higher than those of concrete itself.

PERMABOND E-300 is used to bond a fresh concrete surface to spalled, disintegrated or damaged concrete on pavements, airfield landing strips, bridges, factory floors or any other place, interior or exterior, above or below grade. PERMABOND E-300 makes it possible to place low-cost, low-weight, thin terrazzo flooring in both new and existing structures by eliminating the 1 1/2 inch sand-cement bed normally used.

PERMABOND E-300 can also be used as a high solids epoxy coating where extreme abrasion, water or chemical resistance is needed, for example in sewer pipes.

PERMABOND E-300 is a two-component epoxy formulation consisting of a base resin and an activator in separate containers. When mixed, a free flowing, self-leveling, brushable coating is obtained. This coating is applied to a rigid surface such as cured concrete, wood or steel. While it is still tacky, a concrete topping is placed on the surface. PERMABOND E-300 cures itself chemically, transforming the coating into a durable, impervious, waterproof film. During this curing cycle, two bonding actions take place, one between the existing surface and PERMABOND E-300, the other between PERMABOND E-300 and the fresh concrete. The strength of this bond is many times that of monolithic concrete.

Created by Titan Technology, Corp.