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Building Maintenance arrow Concrete Patching and Resurfacing arrow Hydrogard


SKU: B231

100 Lb bag Metallic waterproofing compound for elevator pits, crack, floor and other speciality applications.

Hydrolithic metallic masonry waterproofer

HYDROGARD is a finely divided and graded iron powder, combined with oxidizing agents, water reducing and dispersing agents and cement set accelerators.
HYDROGARD is applied as easily as paint to reduce water and seepage and water absorption through masonry surfaces. When HYDROGARD is mixed with cement and water added, the iron particles oxidize and expand in the pores of the masonry surface. The result is a permanent, extremely dense, impermeable surface.

HYDROGARD is used on all interior and exterior masonry and concrete surfaces above and below grade. It is particularly useful in areas subject to hydrostatic pressure, such as basements, tunnels, pits and mine shafts. HYDROGARD is used to correct seepage through porous walls and floors, as well as structural cracks.

Created by Titan Technology, Corp.